At Placasa, we have been offering since 1985 the very best solutions for the extrusion, printing, lamination and production of flexible packaging products, and we manufacture them efficiently, innovatively and sustainably.

Service, product and solution

Our daily efforts in improving processes, continuous innovation, technological development and a commitment to sustainability have let us grow and gain a position as one of the main benchmark companies in the sector throughout Spain.

Placasa’s modern production facilities ensure that we can offer a wide range of the highest quality products.Our goal is to satisfy all of our customers’ needs while remaining competitive.

Our philosophy

The outstanding quality of our work and custom services have been our identifying traits since Placasa was founded, in the town of Carballo (A Coruña) in 1985, as a family-run business.These values have continued to characterise and distinguish our company until today.

A commitment to innovation, ongoing training and the involvement of a team of professionals who are 100% committed to their jobs means that we are ready and prepared to fulfil our main mission: to assure the complete and total satisfaction of our customers.

We believe in a new industry of flexible packaginginnovative.

All of us at Placasa are committed to the sustainability of the planet and industry.The circular economy is the foundation of our strategic plan, which guarantees our obligations to society, the environment and end consumers.

Continuous improvement, applied to our services and products, is essential to us.Our human team’s commitment throughout the value chain pursues excellence as the only road to success.