At Placasa we offer the most suitable advisory services and processes to satisfy our customers’ needs, combining quality and custom service.


Polyethylene extrusion and co-extrusion

Our modern production lines – which employ three- and five-layer extrusion and co-extrusion blown film – ensure that we cover a high range of products to meet our customers’ every need.

A production capacity of 20,000 t/year, innovative technology and the use of high-quality raw materials are all fundamental at Placasa, to create and showcase products with high added value.

Pre-printing service

We provide a consultancy service to help create the perfect design for each product.We offer pre-printing and post-printing solutions, working with each customer from their initial ideas until the end of the process.

Flexographic printing

We use state of the art technology in flexographic printing for both small and large sizes.We have several high-quality printing lines (up to 10 colours simultaneously), and we perform colour densitometry and Cromalin tests. We also keep a historic ink log so that future jobs will be more efficient, owing to our latest generation dispensing techniques.


We produce laminated film to maximise performance and features and cover the needs for the most demanding products.

Cutting and making

We have a cutting and making area for manufacturing bags, flexible films and paper packaging, with the aim of offering the widest variety of sizes, thus providing solutions for market requirements and creating and delivering the perfect package to each customer.

Recycling and Recovering

Framed within our firm commitment to sustainability is a recycling and recovery section for all our production waste.We conduct a thorough and meticulous selection to obtain high-quality recycled pellets, so that we can reuse them efficiently.

Laser pre-cutting

We employ state of the art laser technology to create the pre-cut designs (easy open) our customers want and need, creating added value for our products.

Hot micro-perforated and macro-perforated

We have macro-perforation equipment on the film line, as well as hot micro-perforators for those materials that require this technique. We adapt to customers’ needs so that the end product is compliant with all required specifications.

Customer service

We manufacture standard and also custom products.We understand that our customers have specific design needs and want to stand out from the competition in some way.

We offer personalised advisory services throughout the entire development and manufacture of each product to obtain optimal results.